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My Tips on Self-Care:

Self-care can seem luxurious or even frivolous but here is why it is important for your physical and mental health: we are less able to handle stressful situations when we are physically and emotionally exhausted. Implementing a daily self care routine can help alleviate the toll chronic stress can have on the body. Self care involves self compassion.

What are the benefits of self care?

  • Better productivity

  • Improved resistance to disease

  • Better physical health

  • Increased self esteem

Self Care Ideas:


  • Curling up under a soft blanket

  • Taking a walk in nature (forest, countryside) - noticing sounds and smells

  • Lying down and focusing your attention on the movement of your breath

  • Lying down and listening to music


  • Keeping a journal

  • Spending time with family or friends

  • Crying it out

  • Watching funny videos

  • Sing a long to a song that best represents your current mood


  • A daily  meditation or mindfulness practice

  • Reading or writing poetry

  • Keeping a gratitude journal



  • Dance to your favorite song

  • Yoga

  • Bicycling in the countryside or by the lake

  • Sports

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