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My Therapeutic Approach

I use an integrative approach to therapy to provide quicker and better results for both children and their parents. My philosophy is to make counseling approachable and as non intrusive as possible. As a result, I try to implement strategies that are inviting and seemingly natural for children/adolescents - whether it is through play, art, mindfulness, walk and talk therapy or through sports.

I let the child/adolescent lead the therapy session.

A significant number of my clients are anxious and suffer from depression. A lot of practitioners would treat this with psychoanalysis, however, I believe this can result in years of therapy. I want my clients to get better quickly and effectively without having to undergo countless years of therapy. Therapeutic approaches like play and art are effective because they can delve deep into child's psyche rather than psychoanalysis alone.


Areas of Expertise 

I treat children and adolescents with anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, self harm, bipolar, grief, trauma, self esteem issues, peer relationship problems, issues stemming from parent absenteeism, transitions, anger/aggression and child-parent power struggles

Who I serve

I treat children and adolescents aged 4-21 years old in the Vaud Area. In addition, I provide parental support.  I work frequently with the expat community.

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