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Bullying Prevention workshopsworkshops are experiential and are aimed for senior management, staff and  students in Primary and Secondary. Workshops are offered in French and English. Students will learn terms related to bullying, be able to differentiate between different types of bullying, learn about conflict resolution, and other effective ways to respond to bullying, learn strategies to promote a more empathic, respectful and safe school environment. Workshop will include cyberbullying and partner violence.
Schedule and Cost:
Senior Leadership Team
Day 1 and Day 2: Developing a comprehensive bullying policy (2-3hrs)

 Promoting students' emotional well being; what is bullying and how to address it (2hrs)

Day 1: Introduction and experiential exercises (role plays; creative arts) (2hrs)
Day 2: Putting learning into practice and experiential exercises (creative arts; mindfulness) (2hrs)
Cost for whole package:800Chf
Cost for students (only): 400Chf

Mindfulness: workshops are experiential and are aimed for students in Primary and Secondary. During this workshop students will be able to identify stressors in their current life (family, peer or academic stress) ; identify ways that help them relax. Students will learning mindfulness techniques such as: deep breathing, grounding activities, mindful walking, mindful drawing, progressive muscle relaxation,  creative guided visualisation 
Schedule and Cost:
Day 1: Identify your stressors, Helpful vs Unhelpful coping mechanisms. Body scan, practice deep breathing, grounding activities, mindful walking (1.5hrs)
Day 2: Review and discussion; progressive muscle relaxation and creative guided visualisation (1.5 hrs)
Cost for Workshop: 250chf

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing: workshops are experiential and aimed for students in Primary and Secondary. Workshops are in English and French. The aim of the workshops are to help students build a positive self image, learn how to navigate social media platform and address issues as they pertain to body image. This is a one day (2hrs)  experiential work
Cost for Workshop: 250 chf

Sexual Violence prevention Workshops: workshops are experiential and  are aimed at both school board members/teachers/staff and students. The aim of the workshop is to foster awareness of and establish a definition of sexual assault, rape, and relationship violence, b)help participants understand consent, c) educating participants about resources available, d) helping participants understand their shared responsibility in violence prevention and e) empower participants
Day 1: Defining Sexual Assault, Rape and Relationship Violence and Understanding Consent
Day 2. Understanding Consent; Resources available; Shared Responsibility
Cost for Workshop: 800Chf


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