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Recommended Reading




Books, Websites, Articles  For Parents/Teachers:

American Psychology Association. Controlling Anger – Before It Controls You.


Books and Websites  For Kids:

Greenwald, A., & Pelta-Heller, Z. ( ). I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Mad. Instant Help.

Huebner, D., & Matthews (2007). What to Do When Your Temper Flares. Magination Press

Meiners, C. (2010). Cool Down and Work Through Anger (Learning to Get Along). Free Spirit Publishing 

Whitehouse, L., & Pudney, W. (2010). A Volcano in My Tummy.  Canada: New Society Publishers


Books, Websites, Articles  For Parents/Teachers:

Dacey, J. S., & Fiore, L. B.  (2000). Your anxious child:  How parents and teachers can relieve anxiety in children.  Jossey-Bass.

Eisen, A. & Engler. L. (2006).  Helping our child overcome separation anxiety or school refusal.  Oakland, CA:  New Harbinger Publications.

Manassis, K. (1996).  Keys to parenting your anxious child.  Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

Books and Websites  For Kids

Buron, K. (2006). When My Worries Get Too Big! Kansas:  Autism Asperger Publishing Company

Holmes, M., & Mudlaff, S. (2000). A Terrible Thing Happened: A Story for Children who Have Witnessed Violence or Trauma. Magination Press.

Sisemore, T. (2008)I Bet I Won’t Fret (generalized anxiety)

Stress Free Kids. Children Decrease Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Sleep Better. 

Tolya, T., & Perez, J. (2002). Worry Wart Wes.Savor Publishing House


Books, Websites, Articles  For Parents/Teachers:

National Assosication For School Psychologists. Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death and Grief.

Books and Websites  For Kids

Maddern, E;, & Hess, P. (2005). Death in a Nut. Great Britain:  Frances Lincoln Children’s Books:

Rosen, M., & Blake, Q.(2004). Michael Rosen’s SAD BOOK. London: Walker Books:



Books, Websites, Articles  For Parents/Teachers:

Green, K., McAllister,M., Metcalf,S. (NA). Divorce: Recommendations for Teachers and Parents.

PBS Parents. Divorce.

Books and Websites  For Kids

Brown, M. (1988).Dinosaur’s Divorce. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Heegarde,M. (1996). When Mom and Dad Seperate: Children can Learn to Cope With Grief from Divorce. Woodland Press.

Ricci, I. (2006).Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids:Feeling At Home in One Home or Two. Touchstone.

Thomas, P. (1999). My Family’s Changing. Barron’s Educational Series.



Books, Websites, Articles  For Parents/Teachers:

Besag,V.(2006). Understanding Girl’s Friendships Fights, and Feuds: A Practical Approach to Girls’ Bullying. Open University Press.

Frankel, F. (2010). Friends Forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Friends. Jossey -Bass

Books and Websites  For Kids

Birney,B. (2006). Friendship According to Humphrey. Puffin

Bianco, M.(2006). The Velveteen Rabbit. Ideals Children’s Books.

Criswell, P. (2003). A Smart Girl’s Guide  to Friendship Troubles. American Girl


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