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Guided visualisation is a fan favorite with my child and adolescent clients. Before starting the exercise it's important that you are grounded; fully connected to the present moment. Take a look around your around your environment and list

- 5 things you can see

- 4 things you can touch (go ahead and touch them - how does it feel? texture?

- 3 thing you can hear

- 2 things you can taste

- 1 thing you can smell

Now let's get started - find a quiet room and begin the guided visualisation exercise. This time is yours and yours alone.

After listening to a guided visualisation script, I encourage my clients to recreate an image they connected with  through art (paint, play dough, glitter), poetry  or lyric writing. I encourage clients to take these home so that they can look at them when they are feeling sad or stressed. This helps alleviate their emotional distress.. After completing the "Walk Along the Beach Guided Meditation" I invite you to recreate an image that made you feel calm - either through art or poetry. Keep your creation in a safe place that is visible to you and as you look at it I want you to remember this: You are doing the best that you can at this moment, you are amazing!, you are loved, you are appreciated, you are magical!

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