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"Dear Pritha, I am very thankful that you helped me go through this chaotic summer. Thank you for, in a way , bringing "me" back. This year has been very tough but the weekly sessions really helped me out. Thank you for teaching me how to avoid getting overwhelmed. I am glad that I met you and that you became my therapist. I haven't felt this "free" in a long time and that's all thanks to you and the work we have done together. I could never express how thankful I am"- 15 year old 

"Dear Pritha, you are kind and whenever I'm  with you I feel calm and secure. You inspire me to be better, you especially inspire me with the fact that people know and naturally go to you if they have trouble. You are so supportive and kind. " 9 year old

"Dear Pritha,  thank you for helping me when I am down, when I feel sad, when I can't keep on, you were there. You always help. You are one of the kindest person I know. Before I didn't know you I felt really bad sometimes, you helped me and brought me back to reality. You are an inspiration. I wish more people could be like you, I really want more peace in the world. It really helped me by coming here. You are super kind and again a huge inspiration." - 10 year old

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